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hot sale business marketing lcd greeting card

We have customized video cosmetics brochures for many cosmetic brands and the beauty industry, such as Maybelline video brochure.
Most of the video cosmetics brochures are standard video brochure, while this one is a creative video brochure. The first idea is that the appearance of this video brochure is a fan shape; secondly, a foldable paper bracket is added to the back of it. After the bracket is opened, this video brochure becomes a video display stand; Third, this video brochure comes with a customized packaging box (We call this type of video mailer
), and the packaging box is also very special and beautifully designed. The design of this video brochure is very exquisite and special;regard the printing, it is added with fine hot stamp and uv spot, making this video brochure very exquisite and high-end, which can be said to be a set of high-end business gifts!
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