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Video brochure

Also called video greeting card or video in print, it is the basis of the video brochure series

Covers all common screen sizes (2.4, 2.8, 4.3, 5, 7, 10 inch), mainly divided into soft cover video brochures and hardcover video

, commonly used dimensions include A6, A5, 21* 21cm, A4, 24*24cm. We summarize the styles of video brochures as

follows: standard video brochure (bi fold), tri fold video brochure, video brochure with pocket, video brochure with slotting, double door

video brochure
, video brochure with bracket, pull-out Video brochure, desk calendar video brochure, video notebook, special-shaped

video brochure
, etc. Video brochures mainly include paper video brochures (including speciality paper video brochure) and leather

video brochures
, and two control methods: video brochures with buttons and touch screen video brochures.
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